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Russia prohibits pig farming in Tver Region

The governor of Tver Region has officially banned private pig farming for the coming three years in all districts of the region.

According to a decree almost all pig farms currently operating in the region are to be closed, all pigs will be culled, while the farmers will receive compensation from the regional budget. The reason for this is because “the spread of virus of African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Tver region virtually became uncontrollable.”

At the same time the new rule (number 179-PG) will not affect large pig complexes that are also operating in the region. The text of the document says that “almost all pig farms should be closed,” however the representatives of the regional Ministry of Agriculture said that the number of largest producers which have the highest level of biological protection against ASF will continue its operation.

“In fact the ban applies to farms that have first and second level of animal health protection (compartment), or located within a radius of 20 kilometers around the large pig complexes,” commented the representative of the regional Ministry of Agriculture. Thus, the authorities will close about 90% of all pig farms in the region.


  • A.D. Dalnov

    Vladislav, was there any reason to publish this news on September 24? As I understand, the governor signed his order in late August. And it was not a total ban on private pig farming. Was there a new order? Please, comment.

  • VV Vorotnikov

    Mr. Dalnov, I think it was worthy to report on this decision even with the fact that such report delayed for a while. As we know the implementation of such decision is not a question of one day, or even one week – as far that I’m concerned authorities was closing these farms during all September and probably this process is still ongoing.

    And you are right – this is not the total ban, and this is mentioned in the last paragraph of the report.

  • A.D. Dalnov

    Thank you for your answer. Still (as a reader not closely familiar with ASF related issues in Tver region) I think it would be proper to emphasize two things: date of decree and the fact that there still will be back yard production. Your last paragraph may leave an impression that everything but industrial production is banned (as you clearly state in the beginning of the article). And this is not the case, as I understand.

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