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Fence to keep out ASF in Baltic countries not supported

The Baltic States – Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia - will probably have to cancel the idea of creating a fence on the border with Russia and Belarus as this initiative was not supported by citizens, local media the Baltic Course has reported.

To limit African Swine Fever from spreading into the Baltic countries from Russia and Belarus, a fence will have to be built on the countries' borders with Russia and Belarus to prevent free movement of wild boars.

60%  of economically-active Latvian residents do not support building a fence along Latvia's eastern border to stop wild boars from entering Latvia and spreading African Swine Fever (ASF), according to a survey carried company TNS Latvia and the LNT television channel.

It has been reported that 22% approve of building a fence to prevent ASF from spreading into the Baltic countries from Russia and Belarus while 18% have no opinion.

It is hoped that the expenses of the fence will be covered by the European Union, Food and Veterinary Service director general Maris Balodis said after a meeting with Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Polish veterinary services heads in Vilnius at the end of July.

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