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Belarus adopts measures to fight ASF

Additional measures to eliminate and curb the spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) were passed in Belarus.

The measures were set in the Council of Ministers’ Resolution No. 758 dated 29 August 2013 “Concerning additional measures to eliminate and prevent the spread of African Swine Fever,” reported the national legal Internet portal of the Republic of Belarus, according to local media Belta.

The oblast executive committees and the Minsk City Council were instructed to come up with a system of measures to prevent the spread of ASF and other hazardous animal infections.

The communities where the disease was detected were banned from keeping pigs within at least 6 months after all the pigs were slaughtered and veterinary and sanitary measures were enacted. The sale of live pigs (except for young pigs) from pig breeding farms is prohibited, except for sale of these products to meat packing companies.

The permission of a state veterinary service is needed to sell pork and pork products, combined feed, mineral additives, premixes and associated products to companies and individuals, including self-employed businessmen, except for meat packing companies. The import of such merchandise from countries with an unfavorable African Swine Fever situation and unauthorised trade in these products are forbidden.

In line with the resolution, a national-level staff in charge of taking extraordinary measures to fight African Swine Fever and other dangerous animal diseases was set up to supervise and coordinate efforts to contain the epidemic situation at national level. Decisions of the staff are mandatory for government agencies, municipal executive and administrative bodies.

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