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Lithuania asks EU for funds to fight ASF

The State Veterinary and Food Authority of Lithuania have officially applied to the European Commission with a request for €3.5 million for the implementation of protection measures against African swine fever (ASF).

The reason for the request is due to the fact that the virus has recently come very close to EU borders. The last outbreak in Belarus was 30 km away from the border with Lithuania, while the wild boar that may be infected has been seen almost at the border of two countries.

"Brussels is very concerned about the situation. If even one outbreak is found in either Lithuania or Latvia, exports of pork from all the EU countries will stop," said the head of State Veterinary and Food Authority of Lithuania Ionas Milius. According to experts the recent actions of Belarus has put EU countries at the very high risk of ASF spread.

"The authorities were trying to hide the "troubles" as they were afraid of losing income from exports and dreamed that it will "resolve" by itself. Such a tactic was disastrous, if not criminal" said Lyudmila Graznova, PhD. a human rights activist.

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