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CSHB provides access to PED info

The Canadian Swine Health Board (CSHB) announced that it has developed a special webpage to provide access to information on Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea (PED).

The page also includes a new Technical Bulletin, presenting key facts on PEDV and information on appropriate practices to help prevent the disease from entering Canada.

PED is already established in both Europe and Asia, and this is the first time the disease has been identified in North America. This appears to be a virulent strain of the disease, causing vomiting and diarrhea in nursing piglets, with up to 100% mortality being reported.

“Since PEDV was confirmed in the US in mid-May, the Canadian industry has been focused on stepping up its biosecurity and surveillance efforts to protect the Canadian herd from this devastating disease”, said Florian Possberg, Chair of the CSHB. “It is felt that by making PEDV tools and information readily available on one page, producers and other industry stakeholders will be best prepared to keep Canada PED-free.”

The page is available here, and includes the latest news on PED, as well as a series of effective biosecurity tools. More PED information will be added as it is developed, covering topics on surveillance, transport and diagnostics.

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