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Zambia: Pig cull started due to ASF

A recent outbreak of African Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported in Lusaka, Zambia. Now in order to stop the spread of ASF, authorities have started culling pigs affected with ASF.

According to Joseph Mubanga, director of veterinary services in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestocks, 3,084 pigs have been culled. "We have so far visited 140 farms and these farms have 33,829 pigs. Out of the 140 farms, 18 have been found with animals that are with disease and this figure is at 7,033. These are the animals we are slaughtering," he said.

Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Robert Sichinga said that 1,682 pigs have died in the last month due to ASF. However it is unclear what the total number of slaughters will be.

Zambia's last ASF outbreak occurred in 2004.


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