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Russia: Rebuilding the pig industry after ASF

A programme to restore the pig industry in Krasnodar region, situated in the south of Russia, which has been almost completely destroyed by the outbreak of African swine fever (ASF), has been adopted, by order of Alexander Tkachev, the Governor of the region.

According to local media the programme will be continue until 2020 with the aim of increasing pig population in the region to 1.5 million and pork production to 288,000 tonnes per year.

Due to the outbreak of ASF in the region 266,000 head of pig has been lost and the volume of pork production dropped to below 100,000 tonnes of pork per year. All the small farms in the region were closed, and the pigs were culled. Currently only large complexes are operating in the region. The Krasnodar government has already spent RUB450 million (US$15mln) to help farms transfer to alternative forms of livestock businesses.

At the same time Alexander Tkachev noted that the programme will focus on the construction of so-called "mega pig complexes".

"Currently, our ideology – is the creation of mega complexes for pig production," said Tkachev, adding that mega complexes should produce 40,000–50,000 tonnes of pork and have the highest level of biological protection.

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