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Latvia will not limit pork exports

Latvia has no plans to impose restrictions on the export of pigs due to recently identifying an outbreak of Classical Swine Fever on the border with Russia and Belarus, stated by the Minister of Agriculture of the country, Laimdota Strauyuma.

"We will isolate the region, the Food and Veterinary Service is already working on this, and they will check the pig population there. If we have to destroy the pig herd, we will think about compensation. But it is more important now to seal the affected area which is located in the Belarusian border. It would very tragic if the disease spreads further, " she said. According to the Minister, Food and Veterinary Service is also currently considering the vaccination of wild boars. "Most likely, the infected wild boars came from Belarus, where the disease is common among wild boars and forest animals," said Strauyuma.

The general director of Food and Veterinary Service, Maris Balodis, once more pointed out that Classical Swine Fever does not have any threat to human health. However, until the epidemic is not over it is not recommended to eat pork products. "Domestic pigs in Latvia have never been vaccinated and will be not vaccinated in future against the disease, because it is inefficient. It makes more sense to destroy the infected animals,"  he said.

However, on 23 November pork imports from Latvia was banned by Belarus, while on the 28 November – it was banned by Russian veterinary services.

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