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News 750 views last update:Oct 17, 2012

Belarus bans pork imports from Lipetsk region due to ASF

Since October 10 Belarus imposed a temporary restriction on the import of pork and pork products from the Lipetsk region because of African Swine Fever (ASF), according to the Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture of Belarus.

Earlier, Rosselkhoznadzor (the press service of the Department of Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) for St. Petersburg and Leningrad region reported the detection of the viral genome of ASF in the study of pig bacon that was sold to a number of consumers at an agricultural fair near Tosno city of the Leningrad region.

The following investigation found that the ASF contaminated pork came from the Lipetsk region. According to Rosselkhoznadzor, the meat was produced at CJSC Meat Master.

However, testing of samples did not confirm the presence of ASF in pork products of the company.

“Laboratory testing of samples of meat from  CJSC Meat Master did not identify the presence of the African Swine Fever virus. We are currently conducting a detailed investigation of the epizootic situation in the region, said Deputy Head of Rosselkhoznadzor for Lipetsk region, Vladimir Denisov.

According to Denisov, it is still unclear where exactly the contaminated meat was produced. The last outbreaks of ASF in the Lipetsk region happened almost a year ago. It may be that in the Lipetsk region the pork was also imported from some other parts of the country. Denisov said that at the moment in the Lipetsk region the ASF situation is under control and there is little possibility of an ASF outbreak.

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