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Bayer Animal Health hosts symposia at IPVS South Korea

The 22nd International Pig Veterinary Society Congress in Jeju, South Korea this year was the site for two symposia hosted by Bayer Animal Health: its 4th International Bayer Pig symposium and a satellite symposium.

4th Interantional Bayer Pig Symposium
The International Bayer Pig Symposium was chaired by Dr Bent Nielsen, representative of the Swine Veterinary Association of Denmark. The symposium focussed on sharing local knowledge, as a guide for pig producers and veterinarians aiming to improve swine welfare. First to speak was Dr Kees Scheepens from FormulaOne, the Netherlands, who talked the audience through the fundamentals of the new Pig Signals concept. Dr Joaquim Segalés of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain, presented a gioe to cost-effective swine vaccination. Dr Kyoungjin Kim of the Pig and Health Vet group in South Korea updated the audience on the status of the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED), which caused 80-100% piglet mortality, is now on the decline, causing 20-30% mortality in piglets. Ending the symposium was Dr Anders Holm, of the Odder Veterinary Practise in Denmark, who gave a talk on his work to raise public awareness of coccidosis infection in China using a mobile lab developed by Bayer Animal Health; the ‘lab-on-wheels’ reaching pig farmers who had no access to laboratory facilities to asses coccidosis on their farms.

Satellite Symposium
The satellite symposium was entitled, ‘Feeding the world...or saving the planet?’, 400 swine  producers and veterinarians debated the need for practical guidance on maximising production.
Dr Arlette Laval, professor of Food Animal Medicine at Nantes Atlantic College of Veterinary Medicine presided over the symposium. Dr Osler Desouzart, of OD Consulting, Brazil, addressed the inequalities in access to quality meat proteins and how a silent green revolution technology could meet those needs. Dr Manfred J Kern of agriExcellence GmbH, Germany, spoke of the large scale pig production industry’s challenge to finding ways to minimise greenhouse gas emissions and lowering the carbon footprint of their wares.

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