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News 3256 views last update:Sep 18, 2015

Vietnam acts after drug overuse on pig farms

Police in southern Vietnam have started investigations into local swine farms as some were said to be overusing the feed additive salbutamol.

Salbutamol is known as a beta-2 agonist and helps to produce more lean meat in pigs. According to the Vietnamese Tuoi Tre newspaper, police departments of two provinces (Tien Giang and Dong Nai), in the Ho Chi Minh City area, moved when pork samples from local farms included 556 times the permitted level.

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In Tien Giang, 32 of 50 samples recently taken from 12 big farms were tainted; in Dong Nai, three out of six inspected farms were found over-using the drug.

In most cases, the pigs were bought at 80 kg and were destined to be sold at 130 kg at the Ho Chi Minh City market.

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