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News last update:Jan 13, 2016

New lorry washing rules to improve pig sector biosecurity

The British Meat Processors Association will soon introduce new rules for lorry washing at abattoirs as part of its pig health and welfare assurance. For the National Pig Association, with these rules a new era of significantly improved pig industry biosecurity beckons.

The comprehensive set of rules covering lorry washing include the requirement that abattoirs offer a sufficient number and size of wash bays to allow effective cleaning and disinfection of all vehicles before they depart. These facilities must be clearly identified, appropriate for their intended use and specific to each wash bay. Sufficient lighting must be provided to cover the whole wash bay and vehicle while the floor of the bays must be hard standing, well maintained and slope away from the vehicle towards the drain. Hose reels, pressure washers and disinfectant facilities must be protected from temperature extremes such as frost.

The new rules also include a number of administrative requirements, such as; the site's standard operating procedures for the cleaning and disinfection of livestock vehicles and a register of all lorries entering or leaving the site. Abattoirs will also be required to have a documented biosecurity risk assessment. Finally, a programme of vehicle inspections must be undertaken to verify vehicles are being cleaned and disinfected in accordance with the site's standard operating procedures

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