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New edema vaccine for piglets licensed in Switzerland

A new vaccine against edema disease in piglets has been developed and launched by German vaccine specialists, IDT Biologika. Ecoporc Shiga induces a high level of immunity against shigatoxin, produced by E coli bacteria which cause edema.

The vaccine has been licensed for use in Switzerland and will be marketed there from April by Provet AG, Lyssach. Approval for other European countries is being sought through the EMA (European Medicines Association), London, with a decision expected later this year.

Edema disease is a lethal infectious disease, seen in pig production throughout the world.  It primarily occurs in piglets during the first weeks after weaning and is caused by a proliferation of shigatoxin-producing E coli bacteria (STEC), also known as verotoxin.

Edema disease causes serious losses to the pig industry, resulting in a high rate of mortality among infected pigs.  In individual herds up to 10% of piglets can die — often the heaviest pigs, with those that survive remaining runt-like. A reduction in margins of €83 per sow or €41,500 for a 500-sow herd has been calculated.

Piglets are injected intramuscularly with a single 1 ml dose of Ecoporc Shiga from four days old. Immunity develops 21 days later and lasts over the whole of the critical rearing and finishing phase.

In a comparative study involving 319 pigs no mortality was recorded among the vaccinated group compared with 11.4% in the unvaccinated control group.

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    edema in piglets? vaccination could be a smart option

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