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Reduce ammonia odour and emissions from slurry by 23%

It is well known that Danish farmers are being subjected to ever-increasing demands in terms of environmental measures. Nitrogen emissions and slurry odour are very much in focus. Existing technical solutions to help farmers comply with environmental legislation often entail major investments.

Many different solutions are currently available to enable compliance with legal requirements. Unfortunately, however, a great deal of investment is usually required.

Slurry additive Active NS has just received IPPC approval, as several independent laboratory tests in Europe have demonstrated that the product is capable of reducing ammonia and odour from slurry by 20–25 %. IPPC stands for Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. IPPC is an EU directive from 1996 and its purpose is to prevent and combat pollution of the air, water, soil and contamination from dust, etc.

In addition to these laboratory tests, full-scale trials have also been conducted in housing units, slurry tanks and fields. These trials showed a 23% reduction in odour and ammonia in housing units, and in field trials, after six hours, there was a documented reduction of 20–25 %.

With the latest new research results, Active NS now opens up entirely new possibilities, as this product is an inexpensive solution when it comes to reducing odour and ammonia. The product is easy to use, and into the bargain, farmers find their slurry is more homogenous for spreading on the fields

Active NS offers a number of benefits
Reducing nuisance odour from the slurry makes for a better environment in the housing units, during storage as well as when spreading the slurry on the fields – and less ammonia evaporates into the countryside, too.

Slurry with Active NS added could also offer some significant benefits for bio- gas plants that receive slurry from these farms, as using Active NS in bio-gas plants has contributed to more stable production. This also means bio-gas producers can be more flexible in terms of the raw materials they use, and over- all handling of bio-gas production can be made easier.

Future problem-solver
For farmers, Active NS will prove an excellent problem-solver when it comes to slurry handling in housing units, slurry tanks and on the fields. The product alleviates the key problems, and the price is particularly attractive compared to the rather more expensive technical solutions available. For this reason, Active NS could be a future problem-solver in agriculture, as it enables compliance with the environmental requirements imposed on farmers with regard to the handling of slurry from livestock, etc.
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