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Danish Crown into heavier pigs

Danish Crown is aiming for heavier finisher pigs. By January 2014, the Danish meatpacker plans to increase the standard carcass weight by 4 kg.

Danish Crown said that this is beneficial to suppliers as well as more efficient in the slaughterhouses.

A spokesperson for the pork division DC Pork said: "The market developed. We can sell heavier parts and we should use that potential."

In calculations, pig suppliers would be able to improve their prices by €1.90/ finisher. For producers of grower pigs, this would be over €1.

Until now, Danish Crown used as standard carcass weight (dead weight) a minimum of 70 kg with a maximum of 85.9 kg. As from this week, Danish Crown will pay a price/ kg of €1,543. Prices are lower for all pigs outside the standard weights.


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