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Brazil: More pork to Ukraine, less to Russia

In 2012 Ukraine and Russia ranked as the top destinations for pork from Brazil, according to data on the period from January to November, state reports by the Brazilian Association of Producers and Exporters of Pork.

In November, Ukraine led the ranking with a share of 26.63% in Brazilian exports of pork. Russia came in second place with 23.49%. Regarding export value for the month, Russia accounted for 26.84%, and 26.13% for Ukraine.

Brazil sold 121,459 tonnes to Russia from January to November, with revenue of US$350.61 million. This result represents a drop of 1.71% in volume and  9% in value compared to January-November of 2011.

To Ukraine, exports in the year reached 131,259 tonnes worth $338.66 million, an increase of 128% in volume and 99% in value compared to the same period last year. In total, during November 2012 the volume of Brazil pork supplies to Ukraine amounted to 131,259 tonnes or 24.26% share out of the total export volume, while exports to Russia reached 121,459 tonnes or 22.45%.

The Association says this is a good result, taking into account the restrictions that were imposed on Brazil and Argentina by Russia, while a global economic crisis still looms, which started in 2008. However, the prospects for Brazil pork exports to Russia and the countries of the Custom Union is still unclear, mostly because of the continuous dispute over ractopamine use in pork.

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