Pig Health & Nutrition

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Program Pig Health & Nutrition - Seminar
Wednesday 13 March - 10.30 - 12.45h

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Pig Health & Nutrition (Wednesday 13 March)

Globally, antibiotics usage is being challenged – also in South East Asia. To avoid antibiotic resistance, which might cost human lives, in many countries there is an attempt to reduce the usage of antibiotics as much as possible. Using fewer antibiotics in pig production, however, creates other problems. How to make sure that the animals get through those first weeks after weaning well? How to make sure the animals don’t get diarrhoea? Can we adjust feeding, management or housing systems for instance to achieve the goals? In this seminar, Pig Progress will address these issues with several insightful presentations.

Agenda Wednesday 13 March 10.30 - 12.45 hours

Vincent ter Beek
Opening by host Misset International,
Vincent ter Beek, Editor Pig Progress
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Antibiotics reduction in pigs
Seksom Attamangkune, P.h.D., Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture at Kamphaeng Saen, Kasetsart University

  • How to minimize the use of drugs and antibiotics in pig production.
  • Key highlights: Farm biosecurity, pig flow management, animal husbandry, feed and feeding, environmental management, and real time health management

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Arno Verkeij

Increase performance and gut health through a favourable nutribiotic state
Dr. Arno de Kreij, Global Segment Manager Swine

A practical understanding of nutribiosis. How a holistic approach to gut health helps producers improve performance, increase liveability and support welfare in AGP free production.


Anja Fiesel

Managing the post weaning phase with phytogenics
Anja Fiesel, Product manager, Delacon

Even in modern pig production weaning is still of big concern. Consequences like reduced feed intake and daily weight gain as well as diarrhea cause considerable losses. Piglets need additional support to overcome this challenging period. Currently, antibiotics or supplements like zinc oxide are used for this purpose. But also nature provides effective tools to support piglets. Phytogenic feed additives can help to maintain performance and prevent post weaning diarrhea and therefore contribute to a sustainable, profitable pig production with the minimized use of antibiotics.