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Agravis still the largest pig feed producer in Germany

Agravis Raiffeisen AG, headquartered in Münster, North Rhine Westphalia has significantly expanded its status as the largest pig compound feed manufacturer in Germany over the past two years.

According to an analysis of the association of German pig farmers (ISN), the company expanded its production volume by almost 77% to 1.5 million tonnes.

Second and third are respectively Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer with 850,000 tonnes  and Bröring with 670,000 tonnes.

The top ten of the compound feed manufacturers achieve a market share of 55.6% of the nearly 10 million tonnes of pig feed fed in Germany last year. These ten companies all recorded an increase production volume  since 2009.

ISN-market expert Matthias Quaing sees the feed market in Germany due to ;the relatively large competition in a good position, especially in the northwest.

The current sharp rises in feed prices leads back to volatile commodities markets. Quaing advises every pig farmer to accurate analyse its own operation.

Table 1. Top 10 German pig feed manufacturers (43.4% of 9.96 million tonnes).

Company Market share
1 Agravis Raiffeisen AG 15%
2 Deutsche Tiernahrung Cremer 9%
3 Bröring 7%
4 HaGe Kiel 5%
5 ForFarmers 4%
6 GS Agri 4%
7 Fleming & Wendeln 4%
8 ATR Landhandel 4%
9 Rothkötter 3%
10 LBD Damme 2%
  Others 43%


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