Dr Christof Rapp

Dr Christof Rapp

Swine Nutritionist – Technical Service, Zinpro Corporation

Dr Christof Rapp has been working for Zinpro for more than 20 years in various roles in research and technical service in dairy, swine and poultry. He designs and oversees research about the effects of trace mineral nutrition on livestock performance and health. He also provides technical support on trace mineral nutrition to feed producers. During the past ten years he focused his research and technical service activities in swine at all stages of production.  

He earned both doctoral and diploma degrees in Animal Sciences from Hohenheim University in Germany.

Over the years he developed a particular interest in sow locomotion and its impact on pig production. He is frequently involved in trouble-shooting sow locomotion issues on farm. Understanding and managing inflammation and immune activation in pigs is another area which he is passionate about and shares insights with peers and customers.  

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