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  • Alex%20Eggen272x272

    Alex Eggen


  • cargill_logo



    Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.

  • Carlos%20Pineiro

    Carlos Piñeiro

    Expert opinion

  • Casey%20Bradley%20IMG_7803%2023%20jul%202018

    Casey Bradley

    Expert opinion

  • CHRIS%20McCullough%20new

    Chris McCullough

    Expert opinion

  • AAF-EXPERT-Christina%20Schwab%20profile

    Christina Schwab

    Expert opinion, Author

  • Daniel%20Azevedo

    Daniel Azevedo

    Expert opinion, Author

  • David%20Burch%20profile

    David Burch

    Expert opinion, Author

    David Burch is a veterinarian with over 40 years experience in practice, industry and consultancy. He is a director of his own consultancy company Octagon Services Ltd and the past president of the UK’s Pig Veterinary Society.

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    Since its beginning in 1988, Delacon has followed the vision of founder Helmut Dedl to pioneer a natural way to keep animal performing and healthy.

  • Dick-Ziggers-blogger

    Dick Ziggers


    Dick began his career as a technical adviser in the poultry sector for a large Dutch feed manufacturer. At the time of his untimely death (18 November 2012) he was the editor of the international feed production and applied nutrition magazine All About Feed & the website

  • Fernando%20Rodríguezprofile

    Dr Fernando Rodriguez

    Expert opinion

  • Dr%20John%20Strak

    Dr John Strak

    Expert opinion

  • MPairisiGarcia

    Dr Monique Pairis-Garcia

    Expert opinion

  • steve%20and%20pigs

    Dr Steven McOrist

    Expert opinion, Author

    Steven McOrist is a consultant pig veterinarian based in Hong Kong. He has previously held clinical pig medicine roles, and veterinary academic and pathology roles in Australia, China, the United Kingdom and USA. He also held other senior posts in both Government and private veterinary laboratories. He holds specialist veterinary microbiologist registration with the Veterinary Boards of Australia. He has worked in pig medicine for over 30 years and has recently authored a textbook on common pig health and management problems in Asia.

  • [IPVS2012]%20Dr%20Won%20Hyung%20Lee

    Dr Won Hyung Lee

    Guest blogger

    Was ther chairman of the O IPVS 2012 Organising Committee. He studied Veterinary Medicine at Seoul National University and obtained his PhD at Chungbuk National University, Korea. He worked at Sunjin Co., Ltd, the largest swine group in Korea, for eight years and developed the SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) breeding pig herd in Korea for the first time.

  • PPR-company


  • Edgar%20Garcia%20Manzanilla%20profile

    Edgar Garcia Manzanilla

    Expert opinion

  • john%20doe

    Ellen Damen


  • Emmy%20Koeleman%20profile

    Emmy Koeleman

    Expert opinion, Author

    Emmy Koeleman studied Animal Sciences at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She is the editor of All About Feed and Dairy Global.

  • Guus%20ten%20Hove272x272

    Guus ten Hove


  • logo

    Hamlet Protein


    Hamlet promotes health, welfare and performance of farm livestock through soy-based specialty proteins for young animal feed.

  • innovad_logo



    Innovad combines people’s long time experiences in the field of animal feed additives with an innovative approach and dedication to animal well-being and a healthy environment.

  • Jan%20Braakman

    Jan Braakman


  • Janicke%20Nordgreen

    Janicke Nordgreen

    Expert opinion, Author

  • John%20Gadd%20profile

    John Gadd

    Expert opinion, Author

    John Gadd, after training in Scotland 50 years ago, worked as stockman on several pig farms and managed several more before joining a large agricultural chemists as pig product manager. He was then technical director of a pig feed concentrate firm and also helped run their pig farm, then the largest in Britain.

  • John-J-McGlone

    John J McGlone

    Blogger, Author

    Dr John McGlone is a professor of Animal Science at Texas Tech University. As Institutional Official he oversees animal care programmes including veterinarians and animal care staff at Texas Tech University.

  • john%20doe

    Joseph Ward*


  • Kam%20Raj%20pant%20-1

    Kam Raj Pant

    Guest blogger

    Agricultural journalist based in Nepal.

  • john%20doe



  • john%20doe

    Lena Raff


  • lucta_logo



    Lucta is a Spanish company, founded in Barcelona in 1949, engaged in the manufacture of fragrances, flavours and animal feed additives.

  • Melanie%20Epp272x272

    Melanie Epp


  • Norman%20Dunn

    Norman Dunn

    Expert opinion, Author

  • nuscience2017_logo%2010



    As a member of the Royal Agrifirm Group, Nuscience offers their range of nutritional solutions via Nutrition4U and Health4U.

  • john%20doe

    Olga Dansen


  • john%20doe

    Rachael Hardy


  • Rhian%20Price%20002%20adj

    Rhian Price


  • Rosie%20Burgin%202

    Rosie Burgin

    Rosie Burgin, an English native living in the Netherlands, joined Reed Business Information in 2008. Since 2015 she is the editor for all the special editions published by the international group.

  • Ruud%20Peijs

    Ruud Peijs

    Ruud Peijs is an international journalist, writing about agriculture, transport and several other business subjects in the United Kingdom, France and some other European countries.

  • Treena%20Hein%20picture%201

    Treena Hein

    News correspondent

  • logo%20trouw

    Trouw Nutrition


    Trouw Nutrition, a Nutreco company, is a global leader in innovative feed specialties, premixes and nutritional services for the animal nutrition industry.

  • Vincent%20ter%20Beek%20profile

    Vincent ter Beek

    Expert opinion, Author

    Vincent ter Beek, born 1976, has been working for Pig Progress since 2005 and he became editor of the magazine and website two years later. Before joining Reed Business, he worked as a journalist at a Dutch newspaper and as a college teacher.

  • Vivi%20Aarestrup%20Moustsen

    Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen

    Expert opinion

  • Vladislav%20Vorotnikov

    Vladislav Vorotnikov

    Author, News correspondent

    Vladislav is a journalist specialising agricultural management. He reports on agricultural issues arising in Custom Union country members and Eastern European countries.