Piglet special

What is it?

They are cute, they never sit still, they smell good – and above all, they constitute the future of any pig farm. Without piglets, there will be no finishers and no income for pork producers to enjoy. From many sides, however, threats approach the youngest of pigs – diseases, malnourishment, stress, large litters or malevolent penmates create challenges which could impact the ideal growth curve of these young potentials. The Special Edition takes all this into account, but also aims to look further than the topics of health and nutrition. How can environment play a role in a better life for piglets? What to do with litters of hyperprolific sows? How can animal welfare contribute to piglet performance? When to wean? How to wean? This special edition will be one like never before. A world of questions shall be touched on and answered in one all-encompassing special edition.

Topics covered (preliminary)

  • Piglet management
  • Weaner nutrition
  • Piglet health solutions
  • Weaning management
  • Creep feeding
  • Piglet & weaner housing
  • Welfare for sows and piglets
  • Environmental issues
  • Ventilation of weaner barns
  • Genetics & piglets
  • And much more!


  • August 2016

Circulation (print + digital)

  • Magazine: 15,000
  • Newsletter: 12,500
  • Average monthly visitors pigprogress.net: 19,000

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