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Russia: 35 000 pigs to be culled due to ASF

Two outbreaks of African Swine Fever (ASF) have been registered in Russia in the past few days, reported the Russian veterinary service Rosselhoznadzor. The first ASF outbreak was recorded in Kalacheevski district, Voronezh region.

ASF was detected at the large pig complex  - LLC Agroecosystems. This company has the highest animal health and veterinary security status while the pig population on the farm is estimated to be 35 000.

All pigs will be culled and burned. Thus, this outbreak seems to have the largest number of pigs to be culled. The previous record was an outbreak at Industrialny in the Tver region in 2012, when 33 500 thousands was culled.

The disease was found also found at a private farm of the Yaminsky district, Volgograd region. Veterynary services reported that two dead pigs were found. Volgograd regional veterinary laboratory confirmed the presence of ASF virus. This is the third outbreak of the disease in the region since the beginning of the summer.

Source: Rosselhozndzor

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