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Weaner productivity improved with finely ground feed

A trial by the Danish Pig Research Centre (VSP) demonstrated that finely ground feed improves weaner productivity.

Weaners are unable to digest coarsely ground meal feed as well as finely ground meal feed and their growth rate slows. Results revealed that grinding affected FCR and daily gain by about 3% (0.05 FUgp/kg gain and 18 g daily gain).

Weaners fed coarsely ground meal feed had significantly fewer treatments for diarrhoea (1.35 treatment days per pig) compared with weaners fed finely ground meal feed (1.82 treatment days per pig).

However, more weaners died and more were moved to hospital pens in the group fed coarsely ground feed. This was not investigated further. Two different products containing carbohydrate-splitting enzymes (xylanase) were also investigated and results demonstrated that each product affected weaner productivity differently. The effect of adding xylanase was the same irrespective of grinding.


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